Thursday, 9 August 2012

An accounting career with a difference!!

ICA Infotech is well recognized for its quality training and education in Accounts and Finance. The study programs are designed to keep pace with the dynamic industry demands. The focus here is to offer skillful professional training for inquisitive learners of today.
ICA has shaped several careers with its quality training in Accounts and Finance. With its enriching curriculum and industry-specific training, the institute is counted amongst top-notch training colleges in India. ICA offers holistic and up-to-date learning requisite for nurturing competent professionals of tomorrow. The courses in Accounts and Finance offered by ICA have been designed after intensive research, study and analysis of the changing industry trends and requirements. Thus, learning here is completely in sync with growth and fluctuations in the finance sector. The courses prepare accountants who are totally relevant for any industry. Students are taught Business Computer Application, Financial Accounting, Advanced Practical Accounts, Banking, Payroll & Investments, Taxation, R.O.C, Excise & Service Tax, due to which they are in high demand due to their knowledge in accounts and practical orientation
ICA Infotech endeavors to generate competitive job opportunities for the youth and prepares them for the same by imparting quality based and Industry relevant education in several promising sectors of today. Not just accounts and finance, ICA Infotech offers excellent learning and training for the flourishing IT sector. The courses providing quality par excellence focus on imparting skill-based and technology-based education to nurture competent professionals of tomorrow. This ISO certified institute guarantees excellent quality and regular up gradation of the curriculum adopted.
Moreover, the placement assistance at ICA Infotech adds further value to the quality of learning acquired here. The institute ensures promising employment for the hardworking and ambitious students of today. Some renowned companies and commercial houses find competent human resource at ICA that can add value to the growth and success of the organization. The newly launched CIA courses by ICA are constructed in an effort to lessen the increasing demand for bright and skilled accountants across the flourishing Industry.

Get professionally trained at ICA Infotech

ICA Infotech is an institute of repute that is offering up-to-date learning in the promising sectors of today. It’s training in hardware and networking is being widely acknowledged and appreciated.
ICA Infotech that completely caters to requirement of professional learning by aspiring and ambitious students of today. The well qualified teaching staff at ICA leaves no stone unturned to enrich and equip inquisitive learners with comprehensive knowledge and develop requisite skills for becoming competent hardware exerts of tomorrow!
‘The Computer’ is inevitably one of the most powerful and high-end machines made by human mind. It has drastically simplified the ways of doing things and has revolutionized the entire working processes. It has now become difficult to imagine spending a single day without the computer. However, certain glitches may come up as and when we use this high-end machine. A course in hardware from ICA can help you understand the comprehensive requirements of a computer and enable you completely to treat the problem independently. Learning in hardware is not requisite of professional certifications or qualifications. However, this certification can add value to your career in IT and increase your chances of getting employed with top notch firms all over the world. Besides boosting your career to greater heights, professional training from ICA Infotech also equips with holistic knowledge and understanding of hardware functions thus allowing you to deal with any problem in your computer all by yourself without having to spend several bucks on getting it repaired from an outside shop.
A career in hardware and networking promises you excellent growth opportunities in future as it is indeed one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Education and professional guidance from ICA can open up doors of success and enable you to acquire a respectable position with the company of your choice. So hone your skills and acquire requisite knowledge to kick start a thirivng career in hardware and networking.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Be a Part of the IT Boom

The IT fever has spread like fire! Information Technology has become a boom and has revolutionized the entire way of doing things. Dependency on technology has never been like this before. The positive effects of technology have reached to even the remote corners of the world. Individuals today have become tech-savvy and are implementing IT across numerous work processes. With a remarkable growth over the recent past, the promising IT sector offers several opportunities for professional growth and practice. Hence, several young and aspiring individuals are getting drawn to the glitz of IT industry.
Understanding the increasing need for technology and lack of competent workforce in the field, ICA Infotech offers array of IT enabled study programs to equip young minds with requisite skills and knowledge for being a part of the highly developed technology sector. ICA Infotech offers holistic training and focuses strives to bridge the gap between the demand for skilled professionals in the industry and the availability of the same. To accomplish its purpose of imparting quality education and technology enabled training, ICA Infotech adopts practice-based study techniques. The enriching training procedures emphasize on skillful learning. It offers a plethora of study programs that offer comprehensive learning in the promising fields of today.
ICA Infotech offers holistic education and training through an enriching series of courses that include B.Com. (Computerized Accounting / Banking & Finance),  PGDCA (Business Application), BBA (Finance & Marketing), MCA (Software Engineering & Networking) and PGDBM (Taxation & Finance). Adding to the quality of learning, the study programs at ICA are accredited and recognized by the renowned Lovely Professional University. Moreover, the curriculum is regularly updated and regulated on the basis of industry fluctuations and advancements. This helps in keeping pace with the ever-evolving demands of the profession.
ICA infotech believes in generating sufficient opportunities for the skilled and qualified. In association with India’s topmost staffing company, ICA assures 100% job placements to all its students. Thus the institute endeavors to provide the best platform for building thriving careers in the flourishing professions of today. ICA infotech is an ISO certified institute that is testimony to the excellent quality of education it imparts to students and aspiring individuals. The institute not only generates immense opportunities for employment but also guides ambitious students with enriching knowledge and requisite skills for the global competition ahead.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Compulsory E-filing for Income above `10 lakhs

CBDT has issued Notification S.O. 626(E), dated 28th March 2012 vide which e-Filing has been made compulsory for Assessment Year 2012-13 onwards for:

• An individual or a Hindu undivided family, if his or its total income, or the total income in respect of which he is or it is assessable under the Act during the previous year, exceeds ten lakh rupees; and

• An individual or a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), being a resident, having assets (including financial interest in any entity) located outside India or signing authority in any account located outside India and required to furnish the return in Form ITR-2 or ITR-3 or ITR-4.
• However, digital signature will not be mandatory for these taxpayers and they can also transmit the data in the return electronically and thereafter submit the verification of the return in Form ITR-V.

• Filing of returns electronically under digital signatures is already mandatory for any company required to furnish the return in Form ITR-6 or a firm required to furnish the return in Form ITR-5 or an individual or HUF required to furnish the return in Form ITR-4 and to whom provisions of section 44AB are applicable.

• The Income Tax Department has received a record number of 1.64 crore income tax returns electronically in the year 2011-12. E-filing is an easy, fast and secure method of filing of income tax return. The electronically filed returns are processed at the Centralized Processing Centre, Bengaluru. The processing for e-filed return is faster and taxpayers get their refunds, if due, quickly. The Department also provides some value added services like tracking of refunds, viewing tax credit status (Form 26AS), e-mail and SMS alerts regarding status of processing and refunds to taxpayers who e-file their returns.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Goods and Service Tax (GST) - a Paradigm shift in Indirect Tax

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is one of the most revolutionary indirect tax reforms that is being planned in India.GST is a comprehensive value added tax on the supply of goods and services. Introduced by France in 1954, it is now prevalent in over 150 countries. It’s been on the cards for some time now with constant deferrals over the past few years. However, finally the central government seems to be inching closer to an amicable agreement with the states to implement GST soon. While the date of implementation of GST is set on August 2012 GST might not be implemented before 1 April 2013.

Dual GST for India
Many countries in the world have a single unified GST system i.e. a single tax applicable throughout the country. However, in some countries like Brazil and Canada, a dual GST exists. In India, dual GST is proposed consisting of Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST) and State Goods and Services Tax (SGST) to be levied on the taxable value of every transaction of supply of goods and services.

Impact on the prices of goods and services
Since GST is expected to foster increased efficiencies in the economic system, it is expected to reduce the incidence of multiple indirect taxes in force, thereby reducing the overall price of goods. For services, the prices of services may increase in near term due to increase in tax from current 12% (Service Tax) to overall 14 – 16% under GST. However, in the medium to long term, the prices of both goods and services are expected to reduce since the sellers will pass on the benefits of increased efficiencies to customers by reducing prices. All goods and services, barring a few exceptions, will be brought under GST.

Benefits of Dual GST
The dual GST is expected to be a simple and transparent system with only one or two CGST and SGST rates leading to:
• Reduction in the number of taxes at central and state level – like Central Sales Tax (CST), Octroi, State-level sales tax, entry tax, stamp duty, telecom licence fees, turnover tax, tax on consumption or sale of electricity, taxes on transportation of goods and services among others. It must be noted that Imports have so far been kept outside the GST regime, thus import duties will continue to be charged.
• Decrease in effective tax rates for many goods
• Removal of current cascading effect on taxes
• Reduction in transaction cost by avoiding multiple layers of taxes and their administrative compliances
• Increased tax collection through wider base and better compliance

Response from States
Some states like Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Tamil Nadu have mentioned that administrative infrastructure is not ready yet while others fear that since the tax rates may be lower than their existing (state) rates, this may lower their tax kitty. However, the central government have assured protecting their revenues and it is widely believed that better compliance will actually increase tax collection by the states.

Preparation by the industry
Experience of VAT implementation suggests that there may not be enough lead-time available for the industry to prepare for the implementation of GST. Consequently, the industry has started preparing for GST. The Institute of Computer Accountants (ICA) the leading training institute in India specialising in Accounts and Tax Training has already introduced GST in its Certified Industrial Accountant (CIA) curriculum to prepare the upcoming accounts and tax professionals on GST. The institute is also holding seminars for professionals to spread awareness on GST.

Process and Rates of GST
Since GST is expected to replace other taxes, it is not an additional tax burden as is feared by many. In line with most countries, the rate is expected to be between 14% and 16%.

GST is collected on the value added at each stage in the supply chain. It will be taxed on “supply” of goods and services and the concept of manufacture, sale, rendition as applicable in current regime will be irrelevant.
GST paid on procurement of goods and services is available for set off against GST payable on supply of goods and services through a tax credit mechanism. Being consumption based tax; the idea is that the final consumer will bear the GST charged to him by the last person in the supply chain.

There is expected to be separate enactments for central and state GST with each state managing its own enactment to levy and collect SGST.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Become an expert in IT…Study at ICA Infotech

ICA Infotech is India’s leading institute in providing skill-based education to aspiring students. The curriculum focuses on enriching students with relevant training and learning requisite to become competent IT professionals of today.
Understanding the growth, development and expansion of the IT industry, ICA Infotech offers wholesome learning for young aspirants. The focus here is to nurture the professionally competent individuals for the global competition in the outside world. To accomplish this purpose, the institute offers an array of study programs in various IT related fields. ICA Infotech endeavors to nurture exceptional IT talent through relevant training and education. The institute is well-known for offering comprehensive education in the promising sectors of Accounts and Finance besides imparting holistic training in other relevant fields. The coveted ISO certification adds further value to the highly acknowledged quality of education imparted at ICA Infotech.
The administration at the institute is determined to foster skill-based education to help students leapfrog the global competition. To keep abreast with the latest developments of the industry, the course is regularly updated and administered by a team of an expert faculty. ICA Infotech aims at creating plenty of job opportunities across various sectors for ambitious individuals. Thus the institute endeavors to provide industry specific education through enriching study programs that provide requisite training in the relevant fields. It provides 100%job placements to students. Courses offered by the institute include, enriching study programs in Accounts, Finance, Hardware, Networking, Share Market and many courses that are relevant to the current market needs. Thus, the institute assures promising opportunities for the skilled and competent. The institute missions to impart IT enabled training to career oriented students across the world. The courses providing quality par excellence focus on imparting skill-based and technology-based education to nurture competent professionals of tomorrow.

ICA Infotech- Making Dreams Real

Going back a few years, the hard working and ambitious at that time preferred academic-based professions like engineering, medicine etc. However, with growth in technology and newer scientific inventions, a paradigm shift in the choice of profession was witnessed all over the world. Today however, more technical and skill-based professions are also given immense consideration by the aspiring youth.
IT is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. This industry has witnessed unprecedented growth and contributes immensely to the overall revenues of the country. The IT field is indeed an established one and offers excellent growth in future. IT based professions and careers are being recognized all the over the globe and thus offer outstanding growth for the aspiring and young individuals. This flourishing profession has indeed over shadowed other traditional professions in terms of commercial growth and revenues. Along with the evident growth and development of the industry, the number of opportunities for the skilled and competent also keeps mounting with every passing year. There is constant and immense need for well trained, qualified and skilled professionals in the IT field.
ICA Infotech intends to bridge the gap by nurturing exceptional IT talent through Industry specific and enriching study programs. The Institute is a leader in providing comprehensive education in the promising sectors of Accounts and Finance besides imparting holistic training in other relevant fields. The institute strives to graduate professional and skilled young talent capable of contributing to the growth of the IT sector. ICA Infotech offers a varied range of study programs for the skill-based careers that include Accounts, Finance, IT and Marketing. The academic curriculum is regularly updated and administered to keep pace with the ever-growing industry demands.
Moreover, the qualified, efficient and competent staff at ICA Infotech leaves no stone unturned in delivering quality par excellence. The experienced teaching faculty shares their knowledge and guides students of the institute in their struggle for accomplishing their set goals in future. The institute believes in providing value added training through a practical teaching methodology.
In addition to the excellent quality learning, ICA Infotech also endeavors to generate immense employment opportunities for the diligent and thereby provide the industry with competent human resource. The placement assistance offered at institute is outstanding, prompt and very efficient.