Monday, 5 December 2011

ICA Infotech- churning dreams into reality

There has been emergence of skill-based industries in the recent past. Careers in Technology and the IT industry are pursued by ambitious individuals in large numbers. Unlike in the past when academic professions like Medical and engineering were given more preference by the youth, today vocational fields are given equal consideration. Gone are the days when only the number of degrees and diplomas decided ones career plan. In the present date and time skill and expertise is given immense importance by industries all across the globe. The IT sector has witnessed exponential growth in a span of just a few years. Today people have become extremely dependent on technology. It has indeed become a part and parcel of daily life.
Since the IT Industry keeps expanding at a rapid pace there is increasing demand for skilled and qualified individuals who have with them the capability to administer high-end operations and manage stress in a proper manner. ICA Infotech emphasizes on bridging the growing gap between need for skilled professionals in the IT field and the availability of them. The institute offers an array of enriching study programs in various IT related fields. ICA Infotech endeavors to nurture exceptional IT talent through relevant training and education. The institute is well-known for offering comprehensive education in the promising sectors of Accounts and Finance besides imparting holistic training in other relevant fields.
ICA Infotech aims at creating plenty job opportunities across various sectors for ambitious individuals. Thus the institute endeavors to provide industry specific education through enriching study programs that provide requisite training in the relevant fields. It offers a wholesome learning environment to encourage training and education for the promising sectors of today. This is an ISO certified institute that is testimony to the excellent quality of education it imparts to students and aspiring individuals. The study programs boast of quality and excellence. These focus on nurturing competent professionals of tomorrow by imparting skill-based and technology- based education. To keep the students informed about changes in trends and techniques across various sectors, the courses are regularly updated in accordance to industry fluctuations and dynamics.
ICA Infotech assures promising job opportunities in thriving IT sector. It provides 100%job placements to students. Courses offered by the institute include, enriching study programs in Accounts, Finance, Hardware, Networking, Share Market and many courses that are relevant to the current market needs. The newly launched CIA courses by ICA are constructed in an effort to lessen the increasing demand for bright and skilled accountants across the flourishing Industry
ICA Infotech ambitions to generate enormous employment opportunities for the youth by providing skill-based education programs relevant to the current industry requirements.

Monday, 7 November 2011

ICA Infotech- Fulfilling dreams

Not very long ago, the very demanding Academic professions were given excess preference by young ambitious students all across the globe. Today however, more technical and skill-based professions are also given immense consideration by the aspiring youth. The IT industry has witnessed an unprecedented growth over the past few years and has now established its long-lasting presence in countries all across the globe. In today’s date, IT related fields of profession are given excessive recognition and in fact the flourishing Industry is growing at a rapid pace to over shadow various other traditional professions of the past.
As the IT sector keeps developing at a significant rate, the Industry is in a constant need for skilled and talented professionals who are capable of handling high-end operations and the rising stress levels in the corporate world. ICA Infotech intends to bridge the gap by nurturing exceptional IT talent through Industry specific and enriching study programs. The Institute is a leader in providing comprehensive education in the promising sectors of Accounts and Finance besides imparting holistic training in other relevant fields.
In order to accomplish its ambition to encourage employment in several IT related fields of professions, ICA offers a wholesome learning experience to inquisitive students. This however is done by constructing a range of enriching study programs keeping pace with the current industry trends and demands. Thus the institute missions to impart IT enabled training to career oriented students across the world. The courses providing quality par excellence focus on imparting skill-based and technology-based education to nurture competent professionals of tomorrow. This ISO certified institute guarantees excellent quality and regular up gradation of the curriculum adopted.
ICA Infotech makes a promise which the authorities ensure is always met. This promise is that of a guarantee of 100% job placements. The institute assures satisfying jobs in the thriving IT sectors for ambitious students of today. Managed by a team of experienced professionals, ICA has more than 450 centers spread across the entire country. The ICA family includes more than 3000+competent staff members and more than 2, 00,000 students. The institute believes in providing value added training through a practical teaching methodology. The wide range of courses offered to aspiring students varies from holistic programs in Accounts and Finance to enriching courses in Share Market, Hardware and Networking etc. The course content is regularly updated in accordance to Industry fluctuations and demands.
The newly launched CIA courses by ICA are constructed in an effort to lessen the increasing demand for bright and skilled accountants across the flourishing Industry. Designed after years of intensive research, the course provides industry ready education and prepares students with high knowledge and practical orientation requisite for achieving success in the relevant field. Financial Accounting, Banking, Taxation, Payroll and Investments are some of the topics covered in the course duration.
ICA Infotech endeavors to generate competitive job opportunities for the youth and prepares them for the same by imparting quality based and Industry relevant education in several promising sectors of today.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

ICA Infotech

ICA began its journey in the year 1999 with a mission to provide quality IT services at affordable prices. Since its inception, the institute has endeavored to shape thousands of careers in the best possible manner. Incorporated by Mr. N K Shyamsukha in the year 1999, ICA Infotech Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2000 certified institute. ICA has a pan India presence of more than 300 centres and 30 placement offices. The headquarters of ICA are based at Kolkata. The instituted offers job-guaranteed training programmes. ICA Infotech has successfully trained and placed 1,20,000 candidates and has changed people’s perception on Accounts and Finance education. The courses have been designed after extensive research. The institute understands how important is practical training and hence comes up with suitable, practical programmes that fit well in the theoretical based systems.
ICA Infotech is considered as one of the leaders in Accounts and Finance education nationwide. The institute has trained over 2 lakh students. The experience and expertise gained over this period of time has helped the institute in understanding the needs and requirements of the students. The training programme and curriculum has been designed in the required manner.
The eligibility criteria is a plus two or a pursuing or fresh graduate. The institute follows the ‘first come first serve’. After the completion of the course, the students go through a six months internship which makes them understand the intricacies of the respective field.
ICA is one institute that guarantees jobs. The institute is into training placements for Computer Accounting, English, Retail Operations, Hardware networking and SAP. ICA Infotech provides job oriented vocational training in various streams ranging from arts and commerce to accounting, finance, retail, stock trading and personality development.
ICA is the premiere institute and has emerged as a Complete Accounts Training Centre providing in-depth quality training covering all the related areas like accounts, taxation, banking, excise and allied matters with a perfect combination of theoretical and practical approach to the students.
In today’s competitive environment, it is extremely important to have practical in-depth knowledge along with the theories. ICA Infotech keeps into consideration the market trends and imparts training to the students accordingly. This gives the students an edge over the others helping them in the long run.