Thursday, 5 April 2012

Finance and Accounting – best domain for passionate professionals

Finance sector has potential to be the finest and promising domains of the country hence, it is captivating youth of the nation to invest their career in this industry.
It is said that finance is a sector which never experiences recession. This domain has a lot to offer to professionals. Steady growth and better opportunities make this profession more lucrative. In India, the financial sector is one of the best domains. As per the recent news, Indian banks are giving tough competition to the international ones. Hence they are renovating the whole brand. Indian as well as international banks are expanding their horizons. Under these circumstances jobs for finance professionals are increasing rapidly.
Students who are planning their career in finance department are making a good decision. This department has various sub sections where one can plan his or her future. The only requirement of the domain is passionate professionals who hold a degree in this area. There are various responsibilities which are assigned to finance professionals, ensuring correct accounts, profit center, cost center, internal records, general ledgers, auditing, income tax, planning, investments etc. The core task of finance professional is taking care of the complete inflow and outflow of cash. Thus, the domain demands highly responsible professionals who are capable of performing their tasks well.
With an increased use of computer in corporate world, the finance sector is now linked with various computer applications like, tally, oracle etc. a hand on these applications help professionals to grow faster in this domains. There are various institutes around the country who are providing world class education in finance and accounts. ICA Infotech ranks among the top institutes of finance. Thus, the college is regularly bringing the finest professionals in the pool of finance and accounts. ICA centers are available in every state of the country to provide top notch education in this field. There are various sections which are emphasized at ICA like payroll & investment, taxation, excise and service tax, advanced practical accounts, business computer application, R.O.C, financial accounting etc.
ICA’s follows the method of ‘learning by doing’. This gives student a complete picture of the execution of work on actual grounds. In addition to this, the college also ensure 100% job guarantee to every students which helps them to start their career early and find their path of success soon. With the holistic approach towards teaching, ICA Infotech is delivering highly skilled finance professionals to the corporate world.

Hardware and Networking – Promising career

Hardware and networking is one of the frequently growing domains of India. This industry has enjoyed great plunge in past few decades. With the increase in Information Technology, this domain is continually drumming escalation. Every year numerable young professionals enter the market and numerous enroll for the course of engineering in this domain. Still the jobs are increasing with every passing year. The only reason is invasion of computers in business set ups. Both big scale and small scale industry depends upon technology for smooth and effective functioning. In order to save number of employees and time organizations has started employing computer that is where the need of hardware and networking professional rises.
In order to enter the domain one should have a specialized degree. There are various colleges which are providing dedicated courses in hardware and engineering. Once the degree has received the core work starts. There are various responsibilities assigned to hardware and networking professional. They start with the scratch; they first of all decide the proper arrangement of computer systems. Assembling of various computer components is done. They link all the system together, which comes in networking. They store backup and system protocol, managing server clusters, network security etc. The core task of a professional of this domain to ensure proper functioning of the IT section of a business set up.
In this era technology has become the part of corporate world. Thus to ensure flawless functioning of various tasks of a business set up it is important to have perfect networking and IT structure. ICA Infotech is an institute which is continually delivering highly skilled professionals in the domain of hardware and networking. From past few decades the only aim of the institute is to cater experts to this domain. Pedagogy of teachers is helping students to master the domain. The institute follows the method of experiential learning as a result students find academics interesting and easy.
The course in Hardware and Networking from ICA is beneficial because they provide a hand on practical and computer based training (CBT), various grooming sessions are conducted on regular basis and students are made proficient with the latest software. In addition to this, ICA Infotech also guarantees jobs to every student. These help students to kick start their career. Hence ICA is delivering highly skilled professionals in the field of hardware and networking.