Wednesday, 13 June 2012

ICA Infotech- Making Dreams Real

Going back a few years, the hard working and ambitious at that time preferred academic-based professions like engineering, medicine etc. However, with growth in technology and newer scientific inventions, a paradigm shift in the choice of profession was witnessed all over the world. Today however, more technical and skill-based professions are also given immense consideration by the aspiring youth.
IT is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. This industry has witnessed unprecedented growth and contributes immensely to the overall revenues of the country. The IT field is indeed an established one and offers excellent growth in future. IT based professions and careers are being recognized all the over the globe and thus offer outstanding growth for the aspiring and young individuals. This flourishing profession has indeed over shadowed other traditional professions in terms of commercial growth and revenues. Along with the evident growth and development of the industry, the number of opportunities for the skilled and competent also keeps mounting with every passing year. There is constant and immense need for well trained, qualified and skilled professionals in the IT field.
ICA Infotech intends to bridge the gap by nurturing exceptional IT talent through Industry specific and enriching study programs. The Institute is a leader in providing comprehensive education in the promising sectors of Accounts and Finance besides imparting holistic training in other relevant fields. The institute strives to graduate professional and skilled young talent capable of contributing to the growth of the IT sector. ICA Infotech offers a varied range of study programs for the skill-based careers that include Accounts, Finance, IT and Marketing. The academic curriculum is regularly updated and administered to keep pace with the ever-growing industry demands.
Moreover, the qualified, efficient and competent staff at ICA Infotech leaves no stone unturned in delivering quality par excellence. The experienced teaching faculty shares their knowledge and guides students of the institute in their struggle for accomplishing their set goals in future. The institute believes in providing value added training through a practical teaching methodology.
In addition to the excellent quality learning, ICA Infotech also endeavors to generate immense employment opportunities for the diligent and thereby provide the industry with competent human resource. The placement assistance offered at institute is outstanding, prompt and very efficient.

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